In this post we will list some ways that may help you get that cool network engineering job and potentially boost your career. Therefore, a basic understanding of cloud computing skills in a network engineer could do wonders when applying for the role. Azure, AWS, and GCP are some of the examples you could learn about. These will help a business scale up through easily accessible large amounts of data that the cloud allows one to store. It will increase the efficiency, speed, and security of vital data. Therefore, besides your education qualifications, your experience will make a difference to help you become a better network engineer.

CSIT degree prepared Eric Gaby for information security career – Trine University

CSIT degree prepared Eric Gaby for information security career.

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Relevant work experience, for example through vacation work and summer placements, is useful as recruiters often look for evidence of skills developed through project work and placements. However, you may be on call outside office hours, at weekends or in the evenings, and need to be flexible in case of major technical problems occurring. From all of the questions we receive, many of of you are in college (or are close to getting your college degree) and are curious if you should finish your degree or just skip ahead and take the CCNA. The CCNA is just one test that can be studied and passed at anytime.

Network Engineer: Skills, Roles & Responsibilities

Like many careers, there are multiple paths to becoming a Network Engineer. A good place to start is by learning one or more programming languages like Ruby, Python, or Java. Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) mixes voice and video over one network.

  • Optus is progressively restoring its services about eight hours after a nationwide outage left millions of Australian customers and businesses without mobile and internet services.
  • To make him/herself purposeful in these situations, a network engineer should be aware of creative, and thorough knowledge about the troubleshooting process.
  • You can observe from the chart above that some locations have a higher pay scale range than the average base pay for a network engineer.
  • They are responsible for planning, implementing, and monitoring a company’s computer network.

Those who choose to become network engineers must quickly identify the network problems. In this digital world, technology has grown tremendously, and the demand for network engineers has grown along with it. There are a multitude of network engineer jobs available in the marketplace, where companies are looking for skilled, talented, and certified professionals who can work with their specific project needs. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job opportunities for network engineers will grow by 5% from 2020 to 2030.


While working on network systems, a network engineer’s duty is to prepare reports based on their research findings. Reports are a medium of communication that the business uses internally to interact with its staff. The average salary of a Network engineer is $77,074 per year in the United States, according to

  • You can find more about the job responsibilities of a network engineer here.
  • Having a certification is great but honestly this piece of paper doesn’t say anything about you as a person or your experience.
  • Check out the unique career options after 12th in details with eligibility & expected s…
  • In many situations, network engineers work closely with project managers and other engineers, manage capacity and carry out remote or on-site support.
  • If this career path has caught your eye, check out the Rasmussen University Information Technology Management program to learn more about how this fully-online degree program can help you get started.

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